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Curcumin A Game Changer

Micronised Curcumin from Herbal Solutions. “Is a simplified nutritional formulation” to provide a high quality, easily absorbable product”.

About Us

Herbal Solutions was founded on one of many trips overseas developing International networks for Australian Practitioner Supplementary Health Companies. In this role you are introduced to many varying, unique and interesting natural health opportunities. We believe for Herbal Solutions to be successful it is important to provide the existing health and nutrition market, products with a significant effect and point of difference, resisting the temptation to introduce replications of existing formulations.

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is obtained from the dried rhizome of the turmeric plant, which is a perennial herb that is cultivated extensively in south and southeast Asia. The rhizome or the root is processed to form turmeric which contains 2% to 5% curcumin. Curcumin and the curcuminoids found in turmeric can be extracted to produce supplements that have a much higher potency than turmeric. It’s a polyphenol with anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to increase the amount of antioxidants that the body produces.

Curcumin provides amazing therapeutic benefits, The issue with Curcumin has always been the difficulty to absorb significant amounts to achieve its desired and potential therapeutic benefits. “Micurcin”, a Micronised or Nanocurcumin® is now a game changer being 100% water soluble and 98% absorbable.

Micurcin – Micronised Curcumin

Micurcin is a simple micronutrient / nutritional supplement formulation with no additives required to assist Curcumin absorption.
In the near future we are aiming to add to the product line a Micurcin in fish oil, an increased strength Micurcin 300mg/1ml, a unique Gut formulation and possibly a unique Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) formulation along with a novel arthritic topical application.


I am very impressed with the benefits I have been experiencing since taking Micurcin, at the prescribed daily dosage approximately 2 months ago. I also take many other supplements and eat organically. I have noticed a subtle, yet significant reduction in chronic inflammation, joint pain, and swelling from osteoarthritis and from my work as a house-painter.

I have been taking Micurcin at the prescribed dosage of 1ml (150mg Micronised curcumin), twice daily for approximately 2 months. After the first few weeks of taking Micurcin, I noticed a significant improvement in inflammation and swelling in my joints from osteoarthritis, and I no longer suffer from the chronic pain associated with standing for long periods of time. I was taking prescription pain medication and have been able to reduce this dramatically. I have also felt an overall improvement in my sleep quality and general wellbeing. A really great healthy and natural product with a high concentration of Micurcin that is 98% absorbable!

I received a sample of “micronised curcumin” which was “more absorbable & simply required me to take 1 ml by dropper twice per day. To my surprise it was effective & I had pain relief that I had not experienced in many months. I am awaiting the release of this product! I am happy to recommend this to anyone looking for genuine relief of joint pain, with a simple & easy to use formulation.

Just a quick note re my results of using Micurcin. Ist day, almost immediate reduction in knee pain, maybe a 5% lowering. 2nd day, approx 30 to 50% reduction in pain. 3rd Day, maybe a 70% reduction, making walking bearable. After 2 weeks, I had forgotten I had knee pain. Still got a dodgy knee and can still antagonise it, but any pain is very short-lived.

I’d like to give you an update on the feedback I have received from patients who have been using the Micurcin : The first comes from a 90-year-old woman who has been suffering from severe arthritis in her legs and ankles for over a decade; she has been prescribed a plethora of medications over this period of time but none had really improved her condition or ameliorate the pain and swelling. She commence taking the Micurcin at the recommended dose of 1ml x 2 daily for a period of 10 days before reporting back; over that time she had noticed a significant reduction in the swelling and pain in her ankles to the point where she could actually see the shape of her ankles which hadn’t been able to do for years. she was very impressed and continues to use the product.

The second case is that of a 91 year old male who had injured his wrist in a fall 3 years ago and was experiencing pain and a reduction in flexibility and movement as a result coupled with this was the inconvenience of wearing a wrist brace to support the injured wrist. He commenced taking the Micurcin at 1ml x 2 daily for 10 days and upon reporting back stated that he had noticed an improvement with flexibility but the pain was still strong. I then suggested he take 2 mls x 2 daily for another 10 days, he reported back at the end of that period noticing a pleasing reduction in the pain to a more than tolerable level.

The third case relates to myself. In early 2018 I received a severe Red Back spider bite to the middle finger of my right hand while working in the garden the toxin from the bite caused a lot of inflammation which reactivated an old weakness site in my wrist from a sporting injury many years ago. I had tried number of different forms of anti inflammatory remedies over a period of about 18 months with limited degrees of success. Upon your suggestion I tried the Micurcin which I took sublingually and became aware of a noticeable reduction in pain within an hour, I guess I needed to experience that efficacy for myself personally to feel confident to recommend it to my patients. I continue to use it daily as it provides not only relief to my wrist but has also reduced what I can only refer to as subtle systemic inflammation resulting in mild stiffness that I had become accustomed to that has now gone leaving me feeling much more flexible.

I started using Micurcin after suffering with severe tendonitis of my thumb, causing me shooting pain everytime I reached or grasped for something. I experienced significant improvement within hours, however I found the pain would return by days end. I then started taking 1ml twice a day, within 3 days I was experience very little discomfort by weeks end all pain had completely subsided. I have continued to take Micurcin and have had no problems since. I also gave Micurcin to a friend whose wife suffered with Arthritis, after a week he enquired if she felt it was working, to which she responded that she wasn’t really sure. The couple went to Adelaide for a holiday and on day 2 his wife complained of severe arthritis flare in her joints. He asked if she was taking her Micurcin which she admitted to leaving at home, it was then she realised it was having a significant positive effect on her arthritis.

-Mark Thacker

@MD Life Bioscience

I have an amazing story for you, mate. I incorporated Micurcin in my brother's therapy for his cardiomyopathy alongside with a strictly raw vegan diet and he miraculously recovered after a month! It's nothing short of a miracle, really. His ejection fraction was down to 20% when he was diagnosed, but after his regimen, he recovered and got that back up to 40% which typically never happens.

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